Babe Name: Cara Rose

Babe Name: Cara Rose
Profession: Adult Model
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Place of Birth: England
Date of Birth: Unknown
Eye Color: Blue – Hair Color: Brown
Height: 168 cm – 5 feet and 6 inches
Weight: Unknown – Measurements: G-Cup
Biography: Fake boobs: Yes, Shoe Size: Unknown, Tattoos: None, Piercings: None, Started Modeling: 2017
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Kerri Taylor posing in a top motor

Kerri Taylor is a familiar face in the low budget horror scene, so I caught up with the talented and sexy glamour puss to chat about her new projects. Read on to hear about Kerri's latest film projects as well as her modelling work. You started out as a model, how did you get into the modeling scene? Actually, I started out as an actress. I answered an ad in backstage (a casting newspaper) for girls to host video segments. The guy was very flaky and could not make up his mind so it never worked out, but I met his camera guy, Pat Mirucki, and he introduced me to Bob Gonzo. I did movies and photo shoots for them, then I started doing movies with other producers, then conventions where I met my good friend Isabelle Stephen. I met Luc Bernier through her. I was told by another actress about then the modeling thing started from there. I get a lot of work from them. I am also on You are most commonly associated with the horror genre. Are you a fan of that particular genre? Yes, I am a fan of horror movies. I love to be scared. I love being the evil chick. It rocks!! I have done some Bill Zebub comedies as well, not just horror movies. Of all the movies you have done do you have a favorite? I think my favorites are definitely She Demons of the Black Sun, Seduction of Evil, (both star Isabelle Stephen), Satan’s Schoolgirls and Kill the Scream Queen.

I know one of my new favorites will be Still There because I get to do a movie with Luc…Yay!! The Ghost of Angela Webb got a lot of attention and Fairview Falls was fun to shoot too, but it is taking forever to come out. Kerri: "I love to be creative like that". Which of the characters you have played was the most fun and why? I am really looking forward to playing Sandra in Still There. Luc will play Joey in this. It was very fun to shoot Tammy in Fairview Falls because the set was fun and Glen is a good friend of mines. I got to hang out a lot with Sal Sirchia and of course all the Bill Zebub movies because he is super, super funny. Meat market was also fun to shoot. You have some very good friends in the industry, namely Isabelle Stephen and Luc Bernier, is that a hard thing to find in the entertainment industry? I am also friends with Suzi Lorraine and Debbie D as well. I love Isabelle and Luc and will always remember our banana dance…dedelicious, and that crazy guy dancing at Isabelle’s birthday party…god…he was the best…ahhh. Luc will be taking lessons from him (ha-ha). Isabelle is great. She introduced me to a lot of filmmakers and photographers in Montreal and helped me a lot. She also took me to Cabaret De Mado, the drag queen place in Montreal. GOD, I love that place! Luc is great too. We did photo shoots with some cool gothic photographers in Philadelphia and of course we were on the lookout for the spiders (only Luc will understand this) LOL. It is a little hard to make friends in this industry as there are a lot of catty jealous girls and shady losers trying to take advantage of you. Nothing upsets me more than these jerks who try to take advantage of young, naive girls. I also don’t understand why girls have so many problems with other girls and get all jealous.

There is room for everyone. Do you prefer modeling to acting? Yes I do. I love to be creative and see the end results of my photo shoots. On my latest photo shoot, I worked with Ron Marsh. I had on baby blue body paint with silver glitter and a dark blue wig and these ridiculous silver goggles and my friend Violetta was painted with hot pink body paint, with pink sparkles with these funny alien sunglasses. It was so cool. After that he added all these metal cuffs and wires to us and computer chips so we looked mechanical, then we were supposed to be in combat with each other and tearing each other apart. It was so much fun. I love to be creative like that. Kerri: "I love movies where women get revenge on jerks!". Would you eventually like to act full-time and leave modeling behind? No way. I will always love modeling. I can still do both. I prefer to do short films, as opposed to full length movies. I saw you in Diary of Nightmares, was that fun to shoot? Yes it was great to shoot. It was very relaxed…no pressure. The movie was great except for those ugly gray pants I was wearing…wtf was I thinking!! You recently worked on She-Demons of the Black Sun, how did that come about and was it an enjoyable experience? Isabelle was the lead and spoke to them about me and they gave me a part. It was great. Isabelle is a great actress. I love movies where women get revenge on jerks! They are the best. It was a great experience. I remember the day we shot in the bar. I was so tired because me and Isabelle were shooting Seduction of Evil the same weekend, so it was very difficult, but we got through it. I love the scene were I am eating the guts of the guy. That was great to shoot! I was very impressed with the movie and how it came out. I’m proud to be in it and I hope to be involved with their future movies. You travel a lot. What is something you never leave home without? My laptop. I am addicted to the internet and I would freak out without it. LOL. My Space rules! What projects have you got lined up over the summer months? I am shooting Still There with Luc, Seduction of Evil 2, and am also shooting another movie with Bill Zebub. I also just recently shot a scene for Fight Ring with Iron Lion pictures in CT and I also finished Seduction of Evil in Montreal with Isabelle Stephen. Also, my boyfriend Brett Fallon was the lead in the Ted Bohus movie Hell on Earth. - Read more at: Copyright © 2014 Horror Asylum

Mitsubishi Evo 9 by Norris Designs

Castle Combe, England: Qualifying session and Simon Norris' infamous Evo IX short wheel-base (E9 SWB) sits on the grass at Tower after a litte bit of an engine problem unfortunately left it out of action for the day.


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